Certain circumstances restrict the use of helicopter aerial support such as weather, obstructions, and noise avoidance. In these cases, the deployment of UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) technology can be an appropriate and mission-critical alternative to helicopters.

Eagle One Air Support provides state of the art UAS technologies including image stabilizing gimble mounted 30x optical zoom camera, FLIR thermal imaging and longer than typical flight times of over 40 min to assist in missions such as:


Search and Rescue

·UAS’s are not limited to bad weather often found in mountainous regions due to the aircraft’s low altitude capabilities.

·FLIR technology can reveal heat signatures of missing persons in dense terrain undetectable by normal search methods.


Fire support

·Identifying location of heat/fire in structures and wildfires using UAS airborne advantage and thermal imaging can help save lives and property.

·UAS’s have also proven effective during structure fires in locating potential victims quickly by delivering real-time imagery to firefighters.



·Eagle One’s UAS technology allows SWAT to assess the situation and coordinate response before sending teams in.

·Seeing ‘what’s around the corner’ can make a significant difference in the effectiveness of these specialized missions and the safety of officers.

·UAS’s crisp video allows a view of room layout, the status of hostages, and presence of weapons - day or night.


To learn more about how you can get involved in this project, email: info@eagleoneair.org