Meet the Eagle One Board Members dedicated to making aerial support a reality for our local city and county law enforcement officers.


Vernon Bonfield,  President


  • Commercial Helicopter Pilot
  • Search & Rescue Mission Pilot, CAP




Jenn StrasserFirst Vice President


  • UH-60 Black Hawk Pilot, U.S. Army 13yrs
  • Instructor Pilot, Govt. Contractor 6yrs




Tim EricksonSecond Vice President


  • WSP State Trooper, Retired
  • Lobbyist for WSP, Retired




Bill Ford, Treasurer


  • WSP Chief Financial Officer, Retired
  • WSDOT Chief Financial Officer, Retired




Gail SchallerSecretary


  • Contra Costa Sheriff Dept, Retired





Victoria WonserDirector


  • Public Affairs Officer, WA Wing CAP
  • Search & Rescue Aircrew, CAP




Tristan Atkins,  Director


  • State Director of Aviation DOT, Retired
  • Aviation Commander WSP, Retired




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